About me

Nga (Nancy) Hoang

K-12 Computer Science Researcher

I have dedicated my life to K-12 CS education in Vietnam since 2015. The journey to lay the groundwork for K-12 CS education in Vietnam wasn’t easy. I used to spend hours persuading each parent to have the first ten students. However, all the work paid off when everyone saw the benefit of CS on children’s cognitive development. My efforts were rewarded by the Vietnam government via the Presidential Award for Social Impact for CS Education for Children and more than 63 international prizes for my students. So far, I have been pleased to teach more than 50,000 students.


I work as a researcher and curriculum designer for the Vietnam Ministry of Education and STEAM for Vietnam with the ambition to scale equitable CS education for all K-12 students while transforming the practice of teaching and learning CS in Vietnam.




Book Chapters

  • Pham, L., Bui, H., Hoang, N., Dao, Q., Dang, V. (2021). Computer Science Workbook for Grade 6 – Bài tập phát triển năng lực Tin học 6. Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Press, Company, Vietnam.
    (National’s Computer Science textbook, used by millions of students per year)
  • Le, T., Hoang, N. (2020). It is simple to learn to program. Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Press, Company, Vietnam.
  • Bui, H., Hoang, N., Dao, Q., Dang, V. (2023). How to program with Scratch for 3rd grade – Lập trình Scratch 3.
    (Sent to Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Press, Company, Vietnam)

Journal Articles

  • Do, T. T., Nguyen, D., Le, A., Nguyen, A., Nguyen, D., Hoang, N., Tran, T. (2022). Understanding Public Opinion on Using Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 Treatment via Social Media. arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.00237.
  • Cortez A., Penuel W., Tanksley T., McKoy A., Mawasit A, Ko M., Palomar M, Hoang N. (2023). Axiological Infrastructuring of AI Education: Co-designing Interdisciplinary Curricula and Professional Learning Communities (Submitted to Journal of the Learning Sciences)

Education Website

  • Hoang, N. (2020) Teaching & Learning Programming for K-12 Students. Retrieved October 7, 2022,  from https://laptrinhscratch.com/
    (#1 Scratch Learning Website in Vietnam)


  • Hoang, N. (2020). Storyline curriculum: A new approach for K-9 STEM education. Presentation conducted at the Teachers STEM Education Day, FPT Education Global.
  • Hoang, N. (2018). The vision of Computer Science education for K-9 in Vietnam. Presentation conducted at Technology News at VTV2 – Vietnamese National Television for Education and Cultural programs.
  • Hoang, N. (2018). Got into university, then what? The path to transforming your dream. Presentation conducted at the Welcome 500 Freshmen to College event at Hocmai.vn Educational System
  • Hoang, N. (2017). The importance of emphasizing computer science education for K-12 students. Presentation conducted at Daily News at VTV4 – International broadcaster of Vietnam Television

Online Lectures

Collaboration lesson with UNICEF on World Children's Day

Lesson 3: Asteroids Conqueror

STEAM for Vietnam - 2020

Lesson 8: Capstone - Fly high Vietnam

STEAM for Vietnam - 2021

Game: Keyboard controls and character movement

Community Services

  • 2022Judge of National FPT Education Hackathon
    (Coding contest for 100,000+ students from K-12 to undergraduate students)
  • 2015Judge of Vietnam National Scratch and Alice 2015 Computer Programming Contests for K-9 students


  • 2022Graduated first among class of 100 students in Master of Arts in Education Degree
  • 2022Outstanding STEM Educator of the University of Colorado-Boulder
  • 2017Vietnam Ambassador of Southeast & East Asia IT Professionals Examination Council
  • 2016Graduated second among class of 600 students in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • 2016Outstanding Student Achievement & Outstanding Student Activities of FPT University
  • 2015Vietnam President’s Prize for Social Impact on Developing Computer Science Education